Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

The provision of world-class Tourism and Entertainment services to go above the expectations of our customers, based on the implementation of management excellence in each of our business units.

Our Vision:

To be recognized by our customers, our staff, our suppliers, our shareholders and the community as one of the most prestigious Tourism and Entertainment companies in the markets in which we operate.

Our performance

According to the directives issued by the central administration, business units are managed independently, on a stand-alone basis, because we believe that this management model is more favorable for the development and growth of each hotel and focuses on specific results and goals.

We follow pre-established administrative and financial procedures, tailored to the circumstances of each business, in order to ensure the quality of our services and the security of our managements processes, by assessing results through regular internal audits.

Our experienced team of professionals will advise and supplement the valuable knowledge of your management staff, by enabling their access to new services and opportunities in various business areas:


Integrate your company into a reliable and efficient on-line reservation system, thereby maximizing the profitability of each square foot of your hotel.


Associate the brand of your property to the brand of a world- famous and prestigious hotel management company, enjoying recognition by consumers, travel agencies, the media and opinion leaders.


Allow your business to take part in the most important Fairs and Exhibitions of the Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant and Entertainment sectors, and have access to the main sales market, where the industry’s best and biggest deals are made.


Join our network of Public Relations and Sales Representatives, which is present in the main markets of the region: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Punta del Este, among others.


Have access to a team of professionals with expertise in the consolidation of your own brand and the marketing of your services. Give your company the opportunity to participate in agreements with affinity groups that will allow it to offer your products to selected consumers who appreciate being acknowledged and promise loyalty. All this is done through agreements signed with local and regional companies from different sectors, with no additional cost to your company.

Our Principles and Values

Mantra-Group considers its human resources its most valued asset. Therefore, our operations are governed by the following principles and values:


Strive for the highest standards of ethics and transparency in all our activities, including trust, pride, integrity and loyalty.


Treat every customer, shareholder, employee and supplier with courtesy, esteem, respect and consideration.


Adopt discipline, rigor and efficiency as the general rule in all our activities.


Seek to anticipate our customers’ needs, always trying to go above their expectations.


Maintain the quality of our services at all times, based on customers’ satisfaction.


Working together as a team to successfully implement our Mission and Vision.


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